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Business set-up

| How we help

Business set-up

Once you have selected your business location, we help arrange meetings with relevant project partners and support institutions. We support you in building bridges with local authorities, experts and organizations, accelerating your access to the Basel Area’s highly diverse business and innovation ecosystem.

Meeting your support needs

Our services include helping you locate the right experts and resources to get your business underway successfully in the Basel Area. You may also read our complete guide on starting a business in Switzerland.

We’ll help you find experts and resources to:

  • Set up the right legal structure. Whether your company will need to be registered as a stock corporation (AG), limited liability company (GmbH), branch offices, limited partnership (LLP) or another type of entity, we’ll help you locate the experts to help you register your company.
  • Plan for financial considerations. From gathering information about tax breaks to finding an accounting firm, we can help you get off on the right track.
  • Apply for permits. If you need workers permits or residences permits for non-EU and other nationals. We can help you find the information you need to stay compliant.
  • Finding the right talents. We will give information how to find talents in Switzerland and if you need local staff, we will introduce local recruiters and staffing companies to you. Read more about recruiting in Switzerland.
  • Research real estate permits. From building to purchasing commercial real estate, we’ll help you navigate the process of finding experts and resources to meet your needs.
  • Partner for business operations. If you have manufacturing, shipping, development or other logistical needs, we can help you locate the right partners to make your business thrive.

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