When it comes to competitiveness and the ability to innovate, Switzerland has been one of the world’s top business locations for years. Perhaps the most prominent reason for equating Swissness with business-friendliness, reliability and productivity is the efficiency of the Swiss government. The excellent system of education and state-of-the-art infrastructure adds to the impression as well. The Basel Area is a robust example of the Swiss work ethic and spirit of openness.

Basel Area sets the benchmark

Strong economic growth is an ongoing trend in the Basel Area. In fact, the region’s GDP numbers are consistently higher than the Swiss national average, and the country’s highest per capita.

At the same time, the region is boosting Switzerland’s innovative capabilities, largely due to its leadership in life sciences and other high-tech sectors that are strongly represented in the area. For example, roughly a third of Switzerland’s value of exported goods is generated in the Basel Area, which is remarkable, considering it represents less than 7% of the Swiss population.

A stable Swiss system

Being the only political system based on direct democracy, Switzerland has developed a uniquely cohesive political and social culture over the centuries. It is characterized by federalism, autonomy and concordance. These open-minded Swiss values laid the foundations of a stable political and social environment.

Add in the pragmatic, can-do attitude of its authorities and people, and the Basel Area becomes a superb example of a business location in which companies are certain to thrive.

Swissness means business friendly, reliable and productive. As an economic powerhouse with decidedly pro-business core values, the Basel Area is a shining example of these Swiss virtues.

Doing business, the Swiss way

Intelligent tax policies

Apart from a flat corporate income tax rate on a federal level, the Swiss cantons remain free for setting the tax rates – and for providing a best possible business environment for companies.

Liberal labor laws

Local authorities are supportive in order to answer the demand for highly qualified experts and executives from abroad. Companies benefit from one of Europe’s most liberal labor laws, while simultaneously being able to offer employees great benefits. Basel Area’s labor regulations and market allow companies to react quickly if changes in the business environment require action.

Sustainable infrastructure

In Switzerland, five minutes of train delay is considered unpleasant and exceptional – which routinely puts a smile on the faces of visitors from other countries. It is a well-known fact that the Swiss public infrastructure is rightly considered one of the most modern and reliable of the world. This benefits companies in the Basel Area–which offers exceptional connectivity by car, train or plane, and by waterway on the Rhine–to Europe, within Switzerland and the rest of the world.

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