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Quality of life

Swiss cities consistently rank among the best in the world to live, and the Basel Area is among the top 10. From the grand architecture to the safe streets to the scenic Rhine, the Basel Area shines with optimism and energy. The cultural life is multilingual and cosmopolitan, with museums, festivals, galleries, film, and music.

More culture, more fun

Located between three countries and with a foreign population of over 27%, the Basel Area is a melting point of cultures. In fact, Basel-Stadt, the biggest city within the Basel Area, is called Switzerland’s “Capital of Culture.” Where else can you have breakfast in Germany, lunch in France and dinner in Switzerland? Basel-Stadt has over 40 museums within 36 square kilometers. Basel-Stadt has the image of the most urban and hippest Swiss canton. Basel’s culture and music life is exceptional.

With the highest concentration of museums in Europe, numerous galleries and the famous Art Basel fair taking place in June, art can be found everywhere all year long. There are also numerous theaters – with performances in English and world-class classical solists making guest appearances.

Both in the city and rural areas, the Basel Area gets top marks when it comes to such defining criteria as income, geography, and quality of life. Political stability, safety, good healthcare system and high salaries contribute to the quality of life.

Security and freedom add to happiness

In the Basel Area, freedom of movement and security are always assured wherever you are. Children go to school unaccompanied and usually on foot and by bike. The safe environment and the discreet character of the Swiss are widely appreciated.

This makes Switzerland the country of choice for many international managers and specialists, as confirmed by several relevant studies.

High quality education

The Basel Area also boasts a high quality education system, with practice-based basic education, outstanding public education, international schools, and world-class universities. Public schools are free of charge, including those offering an international baccalaureate.

International families find a tailor-made education system for them. Your children can be educated in their native language or study at one of more than 42 foreign speaking schools. They are well prepared for school-leaving exams in their home country, be it the Abitur (diploma), international baccalaureate, or the admission requirements for an American university.

More medical care

The Basel Area also has the highest concentration of doctors and hospital beds in Switzerland, and includes world-class clinics like the University Hospital of Basel. In fact, Switzerland boasts the third highest life expectancy in the world and the best healthcare system in the world (according to 2018 Euro Health Consumer Index.)

The Basel Area has a comfortable Mediterranean climate.

Nature tops, too

If you like sports and the outdoors, the Basel Area is for you. The proximity to beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers provide tremendous opportunity for recreation. Take the opportunity to view a botanical garden, go bobsledding or hike an old railway line through beautiful countryside, or go skiing in the Alps (just 1.5 hours away by car).

If sports give you an appetite, the region is a great destination for adventure and fun.

Find out what the Basel Area has to offer.

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