International headquarters

Companies choose the location of their international headquarters based on a number of strategic considerations. The Basel Area has a winning combination of financial, logistical and infrastructure advantages, an extraordinary concentration of international talent, favorable tax rates and an admirable quality of life.

More accessible

One of the main reasons the Basel Area attracts so many multinational companies is its location as one of Europe’s most accessible regions. Sitting where the borders of Switzerland, France and Germany meet, the region has been a crossroads of Europe since Roman times. Multiple daily international flights from Basel Euroairport and high-speed rail lines connect the region to major European locations. The Rhine River provides access to international shipping, and Zurich International Airport is within a one-hour drive.

The many multinational companies and international employees find the Basel Area to be a very business-friendly region. Favorable tax rates, generous hiring practices and low employer social contribution costs make establishing an international headquarters here smart. And workers from all over the world experience an outstanding quality of life, great working conditions, high quality education for their families, and, if we may say so ourselves, belong to one of the happiest nations in the world. (read about life in Switzerland and working in Switzerland)

The Basel region’s workforce comes from 160 countries.

Top multinationals call the Basel Area home

From homegrown to successful relocations, some of the world’s top businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, can be found in the Basel Area. Swiss-born global players such as Novartis, Roche, Syngenta, Clariant, Lonza, Davidoff and Dufry have their headquarters here. A number of other top international companies such as Bayer, DSM, Huntsman, BASF, Abbott and Fossil have substantial business operations here, as well.

The Basel Area is home to a large international workforce from 160 countries. The region is also Switzerland’s logistics hub. Many logistics companies located here help multinational companies manage their global supply chains. You can find both partners and employees in this international hub.

Favorable employment laws, top education and a world-class healthcare system – the Basel Area has it all.

How to hire top talent in Switzerland

Switzerland is the country many people dream of working in. It’s also a favorite location for headquarters and subsidiaries among businesses from all over the world, and it offers excellent education and training for professionals. Combined, those conditions result in an environment that produces a world-leading workforce.

Discover what makes Switzerland’s talent pool so attractive for companies, why the Basel Area is a favorite and how you can recruit top talent in Switzerland.

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