Great talent

Finding the best and brightest is easy when your company is located in the Basel Area. A region with an excellent standard of living and a dynamic and multicultural environment. 

Skilled multilingual workforce

Thanks to its unique geographical location right at the border of France and Germany, the Basel Area offers an international and multilingual talent pool. In fact, 50% of Basel-Stadt’s workforce speaks a second language daily at work. Every day, 69,000 people commute into the Basel Area from France and Germany.

Renowned international businesses and a world class academic community attract skilled and talented people from all over the world.  There are more than 40,000 expats in Switzerland from 160 countries. Overall, about one in ten people in the Basel Area hails from abroad.

Bilateral agreements with the EU and a dynamic international business environment encourage the Swiss government to facilitate immigration, making the process rapid and efficient. This means you’ll find well-qualified and talented employees very quickly. Notice periods are short, social contribution costs are low and there are practically no strikes thanks to traditionally strong social partnerships.

69,000 people commute into the region every day from Germany and France.

Talent covering the whole value chain

The Basel Area has long been a leader in life sciences and technology. With first-class scientific research institutions, and a highly qualified workforce, Basel helps Switzerland stay at the top of international lists of most innovative places to work.

With 32,500 well-qualified professionals, our life sciences talent pool which is the largest and most diversified in Switzerland. You’ll find experts ranging from lab specialists and researchers to executive managers and commercial talents.

Talents are educated at one of the many high-quality institutions and excellent research facilities of the region. In total, there are 14 universities with about 170,000 enrolled students within a one-hour drive of the Basel Area, spread across three countries.

Most people speak more than two languages since English and French are mandatory subjects in school. The Swiss education dual system combines practice-oriented and well-established apprenticeships with an outstanding university education. This dual system forms the basis for the highly innovative and creative strength of the economy.

Global companies in all sectors easily find well-qualified, multilingual, motivated and loyal people in Switzerland, from entry level to senior management.

Here, you’ll find expertise in:

  • Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology and digital health
  • Chemical industry, nanotechnology
  • Precision engineering, watchmaking and machine tools
  • Logistics and commerce
  • Creative industries (art, fashion design, architecture)
  • Financial services and ICT
  • Exhibitions, conventions and fairs

Find out what the Basel Area has to offer.

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