Business friendly environment

The Basel Area hosts many headquarters, companies, and international employees. It is a dynamic business place where multinational companies grow, scientists meet and new ideas are created and implemented.

One of the reasons our region attracts so many companies is that the Basel Area has an extremely business friendly environment. From attractive taxes to business support, the Basel Area leaders and authorities want to help businesses succeed.

Creating opportunities for growth

A favorable tax structure helps make the Basel Area a friendly environment for businesses. Recent tax reform has reduced the corporate tax rates for businesses significantly.

The lack of red tape and relative ease of starting a business here encourages startups as well as companies relocating and expanding to choose the Basel Area as their home. See: 6 steps to setting up a company in the Basel Area.

With the ideal combination of hard and soft location factors, the Basel Area offers a fast moving and future-oriented, high-tech environment.

In addition, the location on the border of three countries (France, Switzerland and Germany) makes access to other markets easy. It also means you can recruit your employees from the EU market as well as from an extended well-educated and multilingual local workforce.

The Basel Area is part of Europe’s R&D and education golden triangle, which includes 1,000 academic biomedical research groups, 14 universities and academic institutes, and modern, updated infrastructure.

Find out what the Basel Area has to offer.

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