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A dynamic region

Located in northwestern Switzerland on the borders of Germany and France, the cantons (similar to states) of Basel-Stadt (Basel city), Basel-Landschaft (Basel country) and Jura form a dynamic region brimming with the cosmopolitan flair of global businesses and an un-paralleled quality of life (read about life in Switzerland).

Award-winning architecture, a historic downtown, and a rich and elaborate cultural life – from hipster to classy – are the pillars of an outstanding urban lifestyle in the Basel region. At the same time, a well-developed public transportation system provides quick and direct access to suburban and rural residential areas along with natural parks and sites for local recreation.

Three cantons of the Basel Area

A thriving international business hub and charming cultural metropolis

With a population of 200,000, Basel may seem to be a small city, but its rich economic and cultural offerings put it firmly in the big league. Many international companies and well-known brands such as Novartis, Roche, Lonza, Moderna, Beigene, Bayer and Syngenta have their headquarters here, and the city has a thriving, multi-cultural, well-educated expat community coming from more than 160 different countries.

A combination of high-tech business opportunities and residential charm

Bordering the city of Basel, the Canton of Basel-Landschaft has a sophisticated infrastructure in a variety of urban and rural settings that add to quality of life.

Located on the borders to France and Germany, next to Basel-Stadt with easy access to the international airport, the national network of expressways as well as railways and the Rhine river, Canton Basel-Landschaft is very well placed to meet the needs of modern businesses today. The canton is home to many chemical, life sciences and logistics companies and its reasonable costs have made it a very attractive location for businesses and for living.

Transforming precision engineering into big business

A background in watchmaking is not this canton’s only draw; it also has appealing real estate prices and lower salary costs than other Swiss regions. The French-speaking Canton Jura is located in the north-western part of Switzerland, close to France and Germany and just 35 minutes from the city of Basel by car or by train, within easy reach of the most important European transport routes. For example, Paris can be reached in less than 3 hours by the TGV train.

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