Access to customers

The Basel Area’s prime location at the very center of Europe gives companies an excellent vantage point to reach customers across the continent and around the globe. Situated on the border of three countries–France, Germany and Switzerland–the region has a multicultural character. Today, many international companies, including Fortune 500 companies have headquarters, regional sales, and business development offices here.

Business environment attracts global companies

A growing number of international companies are discovering the appeal of the Basel Area for local and international business activities, particularly given the outstanding connectivity and transportation system, and the local capabilities in logistics and international trade. Well-established Swiss companies and startups alike are taking advantage of this central location within Europe.

Companies and organizations as diverse as Davidoff (specialty tobacco), Dufry (retail), Transgourmet (wholesale) and BIS (Bank for International Settlements, international finance) underline that goods and services of all kinds are being traded and provided from the Basel Area. Accordingly, Swiss retail giant Coop (the country’s second largest supermarket chain), and Manor (the largest Swiss department store) have chosen to locate their headquarters here.

The Basel Area provides a convenient access point to customers throughout Europe with a thriving logistics industry and access by air, ship, rail and land.

Excellent connections and proximity to strategic markets

Basel international airport is just 20 minutes from the city center and connects the region with every principal European city. The Rhine ports in the Basel Area provide Switzerland’s only access to the sea. From Basel, goods can be delivered to Rotterdam or Antwerp and from there to all over the world. Based at the nexus of northern and southern Europe, the Basel Area plays an important role in the transcontinental transport of goods by rail and road.

Within a one-hour drive from Basel-Stadt, the major Swiss cities Zurich, Berne and Lucerne can be reached, important for companies that want to serve the Swiss market.

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