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#1 in innovation

Switzerland is considered the most innovative country in the world, according to a number of studies. Access to knowledge, highly qualified and international talent, and supportive government have turned the Basel Area into the leading innovation hub of Switzerland. A future-oriented outlook with continuous innovation marks the Basel Area as an international leader in life sciences, healthcare, technology and logistics.

More science and technology

The life sciences are the driving economic force in the Basel Area and a generator of higher-than-average growth. And it will stay this way. A focus on continuous advancement and an international business environment that attracts talent and specialists from all over the world, combined with top universities and research institutions, have rendered the Basel Area an ideal hotbed for innovation.

Here, companies, not only in life sciences, but also in medical technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, precision mechanics, fintech, and chemical industries, achieve new advances the world notices. There is a long history–more than 250 years’ worth–of innovation in science and technology in the Basel Area.

In fact, Switzerland ranks as the most innovative nation in the world.

Northwest Switzerland generates 46% of Switzerland's investments in research and development, although it holds only 14% of Switzerland's population.

Front-runner in R&D

Five of the 12 Swiss companies with the most registered patents are headquartered in the Basel Area: Roche, Novartis, Clariant, Syngenta and Endress+Hauser.

That’s why there simply is no other Swiss business location that employs a larger workforce in research and development.

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