Why Basel Area

Choosing the right location for your business means considering many factors. From tax rates to infrastructure to the ability to attract high caliber talent, the Basel Area will top your list in every category. An economic powerhouse situated on the border of three countries, the Basel Area is Switzerland’s most dynamic business environment. Here, blue-chip companies, leading research institutes, and SME’s rub shoulders with vibrant startups, prolific incubators and multinationals which thrive in the area. Born in the nucleus of life sciences innovation, the Basel Area flourishes as an international hub of ideas, culture and business acumen.

Great talent

Renowned international businesses and a world class academic community attract skilled and talented people from all over the world. There are more than 40,000 expats in Switzerland from 160 countries. Overall, about one in ten people in the Basel Area hails from abroad.

N1 innovation

Four of the 16 Swiss companies with the most registered patents are headquartered in the Basel Area. That’s why there simply is no other Swiss business location that employs a larger workforce in research and development.

Attractive tax framework

Basel Area provides attractive tax rates that help businesses here succeed.

International headquarters

Top multinationals call the Basel Area home.From homegrown to successful relocations, some of the world’s top businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, can be found in here

The Swiss quality of life

Basel Area ranks among the best location in the world to live in. From beautiful architecture to safe streets and scenic nature, Basel shines with optimism and energy.

World-class infrastructure

Centrally located in the heart of Europe, the Basel Area is Switzerland’s most accessible location.

Heart of Europe

On the borders of Germany and France, the Basel Area form a dynamic region brimming with the cosmopolitan flair of global businesses.

Top rankings

The Basel Area: The best Switzerland has to offer

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We successfully assist international companies in setting up or expanding business operations in Switzerland and connect you to the dynamic cluster of leading companies, top universities and world-class research centers.

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