Thanks to its unique geographical location right at the borders of France and Germany, the Basel Area offers an international and multilingual talent pool. About 63,600 people commute from France and Germany to the Basel Area every day. Within an hour drive from Basel-Stadt, you can reach Zurich, Berne and Lucerne in Switzerland; Freiburg, in Germany; and Strasbourg and Alsace in France, just to name a few.

Supporting the world’s top companies

Besides the Fortune 500 companies Roche, Novartis and Coop, many other multinationals are headquartered in the Basel Area. The large number of globally successful companies explains the excellent availability of international talent. Basel’s diverse business ecosystem means you can find talent from all sizes and types of companies and along all the activities of the value chain. Here, 46% of employees speak foreign languages at work – this is unique in Switzerland. In the Basel Area, most people speak more than two languages. Because of the high standard of living here, many foreigners like to live and work in the Basel Area.

Highly educated workforce

Many highly qualified workers can be found within a 60-minute drive of the region. In total, there are 14 universities with about 170,000 enrolled students, who will soon join the workforce.

Labor laws favor business

Liberal labor laws allow entrepreneurs to grow or reduce their workforce very flexibly. Notice periods are short, social contributions costs are low and there are practically no strikes thanks to traditionally strong social partnerships. Bilateral agreements with the EU and fast-moving authorities allow you to bring employees easily from abroad to the Basel region.

A strong contributing factor to the success of the Basel Area is a highly skilled, well-trained and international workforce.

A strong talent pool

  • Multilingual and international workforce
  • Tri-national talent pool: direct access to Germany and France
  • 65,500 cross-border commuters travel every day from France and Germany
  • Talent from all sizes of companies: from startups to big multinationals
  • Mix between industry and academia: approx. 170,000 students within a one-hour drive
  • Well-trained professionals throughout the whole value chain

Find out what the Basel Area has to offer.

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