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The fine chemicals company SpiroChem specializes in the production of new classes of molecules for use in drug discovery.

Our relocation from Zurich to Basel in 2017 had a really positive impact on our organization. The main advantage is the proximity to our Basel-based customers and peer companies. We can now easily visit our local clients or invite them for meetings in our offices. It adds a more human component to our relationship with them.

We received excellent support in the relocation process from Basel Area Business & Innovation. They guided us through the process and allowed us to be in direct contact with the right persons in the administration, which saved us a lot of time. We hope that by deepening our relations with companies in the region we can advance new projects and help to shape the Basel region’s life sciences industry of the future.

The talent pool in our sector is large in the Basel region, especially for chemists, due to the concentration of chemical, biotech and pharma companies. The high quality of training of chemists in the Swiss educational system, as well as the proximity to Germany and France is also a plus. The unrestricted access to talents will allow us to continue on our accelerated growth path. The increasing demand for our products and services worldwide gives us great ambitions to become a leading partner for discovery chemistry R&D at a global level.

We also realized that the life sciences network is very strong in the Basel region and we have been able to quickly establish links to key stakeholders, often through referrals from our clients. I am happy to say that our employees remained with us, as most of them were already living in the area and the others were happy to move to Basel. We have recruited several experienced chemists since we arrived, bringing the number of SpiroChem staff to close to 20.

Dr. Thomas FessardCEO of SpiroChem

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