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Groupe Recomatic a pioneer in the industry 4.0 in the Jura




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Recomatic accompanies the watch making, medtech, luxury and aeronautical industries from its site in the Swiss Jura.

Founded in 1952, the Swiss company Recomatic headquartered in the canton of Jura in Switzerland, has a presence across Europe and internationally.

Groupe Recomatic is a leader in finishing complex surfaces, using its experience and implementing industry 4.0 processes to develop, manufacture, and market high-performance automatic equipment for industries such as watch-making, luxury, medtech, aeronautical, and other advanced sectors.

Recomatic is actively investing in both equipment and process engineering. The company is making significant strides in sustainable production by implementing eco-design practices and incorporating solar panels into its autonomous production site. Their plans are a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

The company is part of the Basel Area’s innovation cluster. Its unique location in the Jura allows the company to find opportunities and partnerships with local providers in electrical engineering, precision mechanics, or sheet metal work.

Located in a bilingual canton, on the border of France, Recomatic has access to a skilled workforce in industrial process engineering in the Basel Area. This advantageous location allows the company to draw from a diverse talent pool and benefit from specialists in neighboring countries.

To settle in the canton of Jura with your company is to have the chance to work in a stunning environment, with a quality of life in the countryside that is out of the ordinary.

Béatrice BulaManaging Director and Board Member, Groupe Recomatic