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The second office in Europe was established in Basel







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Holmusk develops digital therapies based on data analytics, focusing on mental and neurological illnesses. The company is dedicated to rethink how we approach behavioral health.

As a data-driven company, Holmusk aims to build the largest real-world evidence platform for researchers, pharma companies, clinicians and industry partners. They also offer their expertise in data science, AI and machine learning as a service to their customers.

The company has been active at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area as of early 2021. They moved into a coworking space on the Novartis Campus. Basel Area Business & Innovation assisted Holmusk in setting up its office.

The companies already located in Basel were a significant pull factor for Holmusk. “Basel, with its large ecosystem of global leaders in life sciences, offers multiple partnership opportunities and allows direct access to expand business into Germany or France,” says Nawal Roy, CEO of Holmusk.

Further, the talent available in the region – from the freshly graduated to the seasoned professional – was crucial for the decision for Basel. “The Basel Area is well-connected, logistically but also culturally. We find a lot of talents who seamlessly move between these different language and culture zones,” says Stefan Suter, Head of Holmusk Europe.

In his experience, “the business processes are really straightforward”, and installing operations in the Basel Area went smoothly thanks to the helpful administration. There is no question to him that startups should consider approaching Basel Area Business & Innovation for support:
“As a startup, I recommend getting in touch with Basel Area Business & Innovation. They are responsive and bring all the expertise you need to set up your operations here.”

The Basel Area is the perfect gateway for European expansion for digital health startups. What we are finding here is a vibrant ecosystem of many startups as well as established companies who give us a gateway into Europe and even across the world.

Stefan SuterHead of Holmusk Europe