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Established a regional headquarters in Basel




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BeiGene is a global commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company that has established their regional headquarters in Basel. Basel Area Business & Innovation assisted BeiGene in evaluating and establishing their new site.

Basel is home to several of the world’s leading oncology companies and a vibrant biotech hub. Many global life sciences companies manage their clinical development operations and commercial activities from Basel.

Our new presence in Basel marks another milestone for BeiGene on its way to becoming a leading global bio-pharma company. Access to a large and highly skilled talent pool, a business friendly environment and proximity to the European market convinced us to establish operations in Basel. Basel Area Business & Innovation supported us along the way. From here, we will manage our European clinical trial operations and prepare for the potential launch of our drug candidates outside of Asia.

Vincent MayerDirector, BeiGene Switzerland GmbH

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