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Accelerate your scientific R&D with leading ICT service providers

Information and Communications (ICT) is the data-driven lifeblood of the thriving life sciences ecosystem in the Basel Area. Already there’s a community of 200+ ICT companies employing 15,500 people, and as it continues to grow, the Basel Area is becoming a major hub for ICT companies, complementing a well-established Life Sciences ecosystem.

Switzerland has an ages-old reputation for precision engineering and technological advancement; take the watch industry, for instance. It has a talent pool of highly qualified and multi-diverse staff, speaking a range of different languages.

Basel Area is the heartland of the pharmaceutical and life-sciences industries in Switzerland. It is ideally situated at the center of Europe, at the apex of the major markets of France and Germany, and with easy access to top-class road, rail, and air links. It is home to some of the world’s finest universities and research institutions, offering great scope to collaborate and share knowledge.

For companies, large or small, looking to establish a base in the Basel Area, there’s a rich support infrastructure, a stable political environment, and favorable staffing arrangements. And, for quality of life, it’s also one of the most picturesque parts of the world in which to live.

What ICT services mean for the life sciences industry

The growing ICT ecosystem in the Basel Area collaborates with the life sciences industry. Using cutting-edge technologies and tools, ITC companies have excellent business opportunities. They collaborate with biotech startups, medium-sized companies or big pharma to innovate and bring better medicines to patients faster.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services play a crucial role in the life sciences industry by providing advanced tools, infrastructure and solutions that enhance research, development, production and overall operations in this sector. They enable data-driven decision-making, collaboration and innovation, ultimately advancing our understanding of biology, improving healthcare outcomes and bringing new therapies to the market.

Universities within 60-minute drive
ICT companies
Employees in life sciences
Life sciences companies

The Basel Area is home to a dynamic ICT ecosystem with key players spanning diverse sectors. Notable companies include Clinerion, Genedata, Scailyte and IQVIA.

The global company Axians provides a network of companies from ICT service providers and software manufacturers.

Galen Growth specialises in drug discovery and development in Digital Health market intelligence. In cybersecurity and data privacy, MOD1 Consulting focuses on the Life science industry. Medgate and Nutrix, a startup supported by DayOne our digital health and medtech accelerator, lead in telemedicine and remote monitoring, while Axtria, stands out in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These large companies and many other SMEs contribute to the region’s reputation as a hub for healthcare, life sciences, and technology innovation.

Success story in the canton of Jura

Interview with Xavier van Nuvel, Founder and CEO of Digital Solutions
(Copyrights: Promotion Economique Canton du Jura)

In a recent interview, Christof Klöpper, CEO Basel Area, and Martin Dätwyler, Director of the Basel Chamber of Commerce, stressed the importance of ICT in Basel as a business location, but also called for a multi-faceted approach to attracting more ICT companies to the region and training and retraining ICT professionals.

As one of the strongest economic areas in Switzerland, the region of Basel has a high demand for well-trained ICT specialists.

Herr DätwylerMember of the Board

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Be-digital Basel is a platform for promoting digital entrepreneurship to increase the competitiveness of the Basel Area. It strengthens the regional ICT industry and effectively supports SMEs in their individual digital transformation.

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