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Basel Area is the nexus of the accelerating digital disruption in healthcare

At the intersection of data and technology, digitalization is transforming the health and pharma industries. Building on its strong foundations in the life sciences, the Basel Area is leading the way in this revolution toward personalized healthcare.

Powered by enabling technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, big data or wearables, the entire healthcare value chain is being disrupted. Boasting a unique ecosystem of innovative startups, multinational pharma giants, and world leading research institutes and hospitals, the Basel Area is the global hot spot for transforming healthcare.

Home to the leading Swiss initiative promoting precision medicine and digital healthDayOne is fostering collaboration across all stakeholders enabling the development of transformative health solutions. Not only does DayOne host multiple networking events and a large conference every year, it also accelerates innovative startups to help launch the next generation of health technology companies.

Leard more about the Day One Accelerator offering. And find out about the 10 best accelerator and incubator programs for Swiss startups.

The Basel Area is continuously growing this network of digital health innovators, who come from all tracks of life, and creating affiliations among a diverse range of organizations and companies. The Basel Area is a prime location for forging global alliances, such as the collaboration between Microsoft and Novartis, which jointly established an AI innovation lab in Basel.

Main fields of focus

Electronic health records (EHRs)

Health monitoring

Personalized medicine

Artificial intelligence

Wearable health tech

Basel Area: Europe’s digital health hub

Discover why the Basel Area is shaping the future of health.
Medical knowledge, cutting-edge technologies and advanced research in
healthcare are hallmarks of this personalized health hotspot.

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Key benefits


The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is establishing mechanisms to enable nationwide interoperability and sharing of health-related data as part of the Swiss Personalised Health Network.

And the University of Basel is partnering with University Hospital Basel and University Children’s Hospital Basel to promote personalized health by establishing new infrastructure and forging international research collaborations.

Basel Area is home many supportive services for digital health including:

Unique density

The Basel Area hosts leaders in all domains of personalized healthcare – from precision medicine and diagnostics to clinical data analytics and consumer applications to companies optimizing processes in the healthcare system.

  • Genedata – is automating and transforming the health R&D process
  • Clinerion –is accelerating clinical research and medical access for patients
  • Medgate –a pioneer in telehealth
  • Startups like Lyfegen driving value-driven healthcare
  • Roche and Novartis leading the precision medicine field

Talent pool

There is no one source for digital health talent. Innovation in this field requires experience and skills from many different areas. Be it specialists in Artificial Intelligence or veterans from the pharma industry who understand the regulatory landscape, the Basel Area offers it all.

Take for example, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), which is educating AI experts with its Medical Informatics program to further drive the adoption and implementation of cutting edge data science. Additionally, a number of research and teaching institutes in the Basel Area are further driving innovation in health technology.

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