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Open mic: Next in health series

Beyond the pill: Apps on prescription for better health

Fortunately, we are already fully booked on site, but we are happy to welcome you online upon registration. If after your online registration you’d like to be included on the waiting list for the on site participation please contact us. We will send you a confirmation if a seat becomes available.

Prescribed apps are revolutionizing the way patients adhere to treatment regimens, manage and treat their health conditions and engage with their healthcare providers.

In the market, we can already find digital health applications to support the detection, monitoring and treatment of numerous physical and mental illnesses. Unlike health apps, they are regarded as a medical device for treating illness.

Despite established processes and mechanisms, patient access to digital health applications is still limited.

Join us for a discussion on the transformative role of apps on prescription in modern healthcare delivery. Organized by DayOne and hosted by Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, this event brings together thought leaders, innovators and other healthcare stakeholders to explore the emerging landscape of prescribed apps and their implications for patients, healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry.

Come and explore the evolution of apps on prescription and learn about the impact in medication adherence, treatment outcomes and satisfaction. Let’s discuss strategies to enable adoption and engagement. We’ll also examine the role of the prescriber, look at reimbursement strategies and navigate the opportunities for innovation.



Door opening


Welcome by hosts

  • Ursula Costa, Director DayOne – Healthcare Innovation, Basel Area Business & Innovation
  • Rahel Schneider, Community Manager and Site Development, Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area


Discussion with the key opinion leaders


Q&A session