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Strategically located in the center of Europe where the borders of three countries meet, the Basel Area offers an excellent base to serve the European market or the world. The Basel Area has a winning combination of financial, logistical and infrastructure advantages, combined with an extraordinary concentration of international talent and a high quality of life.

Headquarters in the center of Europe

A growing number of international companies ranging from leaders in life sciences to financial services to consumer trade have discovered the advantages of establishing European headquarters in the Basel Area. Companies as diverse as Davidoff (specialty tobacco), Fossil, Dufry (retail), Transgourmet (wholesale) and BIS (Bank for International Settlements, international finance) have headquarters here.

Basel boasts the highest density of successful life sciences companies in the world. Renowned companies such as Novartis, Roche, Lonza, Bayer, Actelion and Syngenta have made the Basel Area their home.

Well-established Swiss companies and startups alike are taking advantage of this central location within Europe.

A growing number of global companies have discovered the appeal of the Basel Area for opening a global or European headquarters.

Top 5 reasons to locate your headquarters in the Basel Area

1. Tri-border reach

The Basel Area is where the borders of Switzerland, France and Germany meet – offering a strategic base of operations to serve the European market.

2. Favorable costs and competitive taxes

Corporate taxes in the Basel Area are among the lowest in Switzerland and in Europe.  Generous incentives and a favorable tax structure help make the Basel Area a friendly environment for businesses, with a moderate cost of living.

3. Multilingual and highly skilled talents

The Basel Area has three million working people and 180,000 enrolled students within a 60-minute drive. About 46% of Basel City’s population speaks a foreign language at work. 63,600 cross-border commuters travel every day from France and Germany. Nowhere else will you find such an international talent pool! Read more about recruiting in Switzerland.

4. Swiss lifestyle with more

Unlimited access to culture, top sports and music events, proximity to outdoor activities like hiking, biking and swimming in the river Rhine – the Basel Area has it all. Here you’ll find exceptional Swiss leisure opportunities and lower costs of living compared with other Swiss regions (read about life in Switzerland).

5. Logistics hub

The Basel Area is the country’s main logistics hub, with many experts who know how to manage your supply chain.

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Find out what the Basel Area has to offer.

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